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The_end_of_world_has_to_be_better_than_Miracle_Mile - Can Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham really...
Can Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham really find true love on the brink of nuclear destruction? The end of world has to be better than 'Miracle Mile' By ELEANOR O'SULLIVAN Press Movie Writer This much can be said for "Miracle Mile": It reconciles one to the end of the world, if only because that couldn't be any worse than this film about it. Anthony Edwards ("Gotcha," "The Sure Thing"), wildly miscast as a thoughtful, romantic trombone player, falls in love with boyish looking Mare Winningham ("St. Elmo's Fire") on sight. Before they can embark on their first date, Edwards' Glenn Miller ripoff answers a ringing telephone outside a coffee shop. It is curtains for the world, the caller says; he's a technician in a nuclear silo. The film desperately needs a rationale for why nuclear warheads have been dispatched from the silo in North Dakota to downtown Los Angeles. But the caller is hysterical and he's dialed the wrong number, he meant to call Dad in Orange County to apologize for an earlier transgression before the sun sets on Earth for good. Andrews can't get the caller to calm down to explain why the warheads were fired, but he's alarmed enough to alert everybody in sight about the apparent Doomsday 70 minutes hence. Failing to explain the whys of the attack, screenwriter-director Steven DeJarnatt merely takes us through the familiar motions of people acting horribly when faced with disaster. His scenes of Edwards and Ms. Winningham racing through the chaotic streets Movie Review "MIRACLE MILE," starring Anthony Edwards, Mare Winningham and John Agar, opens today at area theaters. Steve DeJarnatt directed from his screenplay. Rated R for language, violence. A Hemdale release. of Los Angeles there is looting, fornicating, car bombing and such unfortunately have all the impact of a Mad magazine layout. The film's tone shifts regularly is it a black comedy or dead serious? As the countdown to no tomorrow continues, DeJarnatt favors automobile carnage to show human behavior at its worst; perhaps he was inspired by the California freeways shootings. At one point, a black criminal drives a white policeman's car through a department store window; Ms. Winningham inexplicably follows the trail of destruction the car has left into the store. Is this what they mean when they say "Shop till you drop"? DeJarnatt is to be congratulated for raising the issue of nuclear proliferation and its potential for horrible consequences; he reportedly was concerned enough about the subject to spend 10 years working on this movie. But he really ought to master the basics of story telling before he tries again and decide whether he means to be ironic or serious.

Clipped from
  1. Asbury Park Press,
  2. 19 May 1989, Fri,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 54

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